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Siblings Fuck Me At Valentines Day

Natalie Knight has noticed that her adopted sister Emma Starletto and their stepbrother Codey Steele have a very close relationship. She suspects that they`re more than friends. He brings Natalie a Valentine`s gift as they`re lounging in the room together: dick candy and butt plugs with his dick hidden at the bottom. Natalie is a little bit hesitant to do anything with Codey`s gift since Emma is right there, but eventually Codey coaxes her into delivering a handjob. Once Natalie lays hands on Codey`s dick, she knows she`s going to suck it. She keeps it up right until Emma notices that Emma is blowing her stepbro and loses her shit! Codey tells Emma that her freakout is exactly why they didn`t include her in their Valentine`s Day club and storms out.Later, Emma and Natalie walk into Codey`s room hand in hand so Natalie can tell Codey that Emma wants to join the Valentine`s Day club. Codey is reluctant at first because he believes Emma will rat them out, but Emma just wants to be included. He decides that the adopted sisters should start kissing while he watches so he can gauge Emma`s sincerity. Codey is still not convinced after that display, so he tells Emma that before she can join in she needs to watch him kiss Natalie and have her suck his dick without flipping out. Emma makes it through, and soon Natalie has tugged Emma in to take a taste of Codey`s fuck stick, too.Turning around, Natalie flips up her pajama shirt so Codey can stick it in from behind. That rattles Emma, but Natalie is determined that they will be one happy family. She pulls Emma close so she can eat her out while Codey is still fucking her doggy style. Then Natalie helps Emma overcome her fears as Codey slides into her for the first time. Soon Emma realizes that there`s nothing to worry about and that Codey`s fuck stick feels great! Once Natalie knows that Emma is committed, she sits down with her pussy on Emma`s mouth so that Emma can be fully included in the middle of a sibling sandwich. Natalie and Emma swap spots next, with Emma testing Natalie`s mouth in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl as Codey keeps Natalie`s party rolling. Then Emma gets another ride on the D, this time in doggy as her adopted stepbro brings her to climax. There`s just one last step to Emma`s formal initiation into the Valentine`s Club. She and Natalie work Codey with their hands and mouths together until he rewards them with a double facial that drips into their mouths.

Starring: Emma Starletto

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