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Twin Sisters Take Sex Turns

Tony has just become stepbrother Sami White, and he can`t get enough of her hot body. He spies on Sami all the time whenever he can get an eyeful of her naked. He takes every excuse to talk to Sami while she`s in her underwear. Today`s confrontation is Tony taking the car keys. Sami tells him to go ahead, but he`ll see what happens. Later, the sisters enact their plan when Sami has her twin Joey go in and seduce Tony. Joey tells Tony she finds him attractive and wants to make a sex video with him. She shows him her tits and butt, then insists that he pull out his phone so she can record it. When Tony tries to resist, Joey puts his hand on her bare twat.Finally Tony agrees and Joey goes to work sucking his big dick. Claiming that she wants to fuck, Joey leans over on the couch so Tony can admire her big ass as he bangs her from behind. They`re just getting into it when Sami walks in and gives Tony the shock of his life. The twins were separated at birth and are just getting to know each other so Tony didn`t know Joey existed. Sami wasn`t expecting Joey to fuck their stepbrother, so the girls reconvene to talk it over. Joey can`t stop talking about Tony`s big dick, so the girls decide to take turns fucking him so they can both enjoy their stepbrother.The girls let Tony lead them back to the bedroom. He compares their pussies, then their asses. Tony asks them to share his dick, so Joey starts sucking and then gives Sami a turn. They swap out like pros until Tony can`t wait another moment to fuck them. He starts with Joey on her knees as Sami masturbates beside them. Then Sami gets a turn for a doggy style pussy pounding. Rolling onto their backs, the girls each wait patiently as Tony samples both of their goods. Then the girls each take a spin on Tony`s fuck stick. When he has finally satisfied both girls, Tony urges them onto their knees so he can give the twins a double facial that lets them both taste his cum.

Starring: Sami White

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